California’s 21 Regional Centers coordinate all services for individuals with developmental disabilities. Click below to find the Regional Center that serves your area and contact them to learn about their Self-Determination Local Volunteer Advisory Committee meetings, supports they may offer, and more.
If you are potentially interested in Self-Determination services, your first step is to attend a mandatory orientation session. While your local Regional Center may offer their own sessions, State Council for Developmental Disabilities offers statewide, universally accepted, orientations in multiple languages.
If you have questions and want to learn more after viewing the orientation, Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center has created a playlist of short videos about different topics and parts of the Self-Determination process, including the budget, spending plan, and more, which can be viewed in English and Spanish.
With all due respect to Lin-Manuel Miranda, this is not a moment, it’s the movement! Join the State Council Facebook Group regarding Self-Determination to interact with thousands of other members statewide, share resources, and build, strengthen, and connect with an ever-growing community of participants, families, and providers with similar interests and concerns.
If you are ready to begin living your self-determined life, visit the California Self-Determination Network to find and post resources including therapists, facilitators, planners, community organizations, and others who can help you reach your goals.
Keep up to date with the Department of Developmental Services’ Self-Determination website, as there are frequent updates and changes to the program. Here, you can view information and resources, including service definitions and codes, as well as directives regarding the ongoing operationalization of the Self-Determination Program.
Know your rights, and be an active participant in your own life! Disability Rights California provides the Rights Under the Lanterman Act document in English and Spanish to help individuals and families understand the requirements they and the Regional Centers are held to in the pursuit of services.
The Consumer’s Guide to the Lanterman Act is available in English and Spanish and provides a plain-language, shortened version of the groundbreaking and truly unique law that all Regional Center services are held to. The ideals of Self-Determination have been part of the Lanterman Act since its inception, and this document can assist participants and families to be aware of what is and is not allowable and required in relation to California’s entitlement to developmental disability services.
Children receiving Special Education services have specific rights under state and federal law. Disability Rights California provides the Special Education Rights and Responsibilities manual to assist parents to understand what services and actions are available and required from local school districts, who serve as the primary funding source for therapeutic supports for children between the ages of 3 and 22.
Learn about your rights to appeal Regional Center decisions that you are not in agreement with. The process has recently changed statutorily in hopes of increasing fairness and positive outcomes for participants and families when seeking previously-denied services.

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Pursuant to Welfare & Institutions Code 4704.6, individuals served by Regional Centers have certain appeal and complaint rights in regards to vendored services. Please click here for the Department of Developmental Services' website and/or contact the Department of Developmental Services at 916-654-1987 for more information or if you would like to file a complaint.

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