Person-Centered Planning

What is Person-Centered Planning?

Person-Centered Thinking and Planning is a lifelong process of thinking about an individual’s needs, wants, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, goals, and dreams, and developing a plan of supports and systems that will assist them to live happy, fulfilled lives.

It is not limited to people with developmental disabilities – it can help children, adults, people with mental health conditions, you, and me! It helps to develop strong support networks and creative solutions, which traditional systems don’t always encourage.

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Person-Centered Planning and Self-Determination

Each potential participant in Self-Determination is entitled to one-time funding to have a Person-Centered Plan completed and to receive assistance transitioning into the Self-Determination program, such as with the budget and the spending plan. This money is paid by the Regional Center, and does not come from (or get added to) the participant’s budget. The participant does not have to pay any of this money directly.

Benefits of Person-Centered Planning in Self-Determination

Person-Centered Planning ensures that the participant:

  • Is the focal point of all services and supports
  • Is being given the opportunity to make choices and receive the services and supports that they need and want regardless of age, conservatorship status, level of disability, and any other factors

These meetings have been described as “a party with a purpose,” and they are a celebration of an individual’s unique impact! It is an opportunity to get an outside perspective on an individual’s life, with no strings attached, and to receive support with Self-Determination, the Regional Center, and generic resources.

While not focused solely on Regional Center supports and services, Person-Centered Plans for Self-Determination can also help to find unmet needs and changes in circumstances that can impact an individual’s budget, as well as generic and Regional Center funded services that may be available.

Person-Centered Planning vs. Individual Program Plan (IPP)

While a Person-Centered Plan (PCP) has some similarities with an Individual Program Plan (IPP), they are separate documents.

Person-Centered Plan

  • A more broad life plan
  • Takes longer to complete
  • Incorporates feedback from a wide Circle of Support
  • Should be completed by an outside provider

Individual Program Plan

  • Focused mainly on Regional Center services
  • A contract between the Regional Center and an individual outlining specific services provided

Our Person-Centered Planning Services

Phoenix Facilitation Offers:

Person-Centered Planning with No Up-Front Costs
Zoom or In-Person Meetings Throughout the State of California

Along with:

Services Required to Transition to Self-Determination
Meetings & Document Preparation
Assistance with Budget and Spending Plans

Fair Hearing Process Assistance*

*Fair Hearing preparation may require a separate service agreement and/or additional payment, to be discussed prior to service initiation

Please note: Phoenix Facilitation’s services are non-legal advocacy, and no specific service nor outcome is guaranteed. Phoenix Facilitation’s team reserves the right to use professional judgment to determine whether an appeal is appropriate, justified, legal, and/or likely to succeed, and may not represent a participant or family if they are not in agreement with the desired outcome. Phoenix Facilitation of California LLC makes no representations or warranties are about specific services, budget amounts, Fair Hearing outcomes, or any other part of the process.


Please see the following examples of Person-Centered Plans to view Phoenix Facilitation’s unique style. 

The participants and/or legal guardians (when appropriate) have provided permission for these documents to be shared on this site. Your plan may not look exactly like these, as they are individualized to each specific person. 

We Can Help

Schedule a free* one-hour consultation to learn more about how we can assist you.

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Pursuant to Welfare & Institutions Code 4704.6, individuals served by Regional Centers have certain appeal and complaint rights in regards to vendored services. Please click here for the Department of Developmental Services' website and/or contact the Department of Developmental Services at 916-654-1987 for more information or if you would like to file a complaint.

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